Trade and Service Marks

For Cannabis 2016 - A
Come Original or Don’t Come at All!
Meaning of , ® and
Statue of justice – Trademarks are protected by law
™ tm for an unregistered trademark, that is, a mark used to promote or brand goods;
℠ sm for an unregistered service mark, that is, a mark used to promote or brand services;
® r for a registered trademark. The owner of a registered trademark may commence legal proceedings for trademark infringement to prevent unauthorized use of that trademark. However, registration is not required.The owner of a common law trademark may also file suit, but an unregistered mark may be protectable only within the geographical area within which it has been used or in geographical areas into which it may be reasonably expected to expand.

We may opt to use both the and symbols to protect our “goods” or “services” depending on which it is. We reserve the following Names, Trade Marks and Service Marks for ourselves. This may not be a complete list of Names or Marks in use. We are a worldwide movement but primarily for the Americas, north and south… and mainly focused within the United States of America and have our name, brand or service for each state. Please respect our ownership and use of the names, trademarks and service marks associated with our movement and organization. THANKS!

Come Original or Don’t Come at All!

For Cannabis™
For Cannabis℠
Americans For Cannabis™
Americans For Cannabis℠
For Cannabis America™
For Cannabis America℠
For Cannabis™ America
For Cannabis℠ America
United States For Cannabis™
United States For Cannabis℠
For Cannabis United States™
For Cannabis United States℠
For Cannabis™ United States
For Cannabis℠ United States
For Cannabis Alabama™
For Cannabis Alaska™
For Cannabis Arizona™
For Cannabis Arkansas™
For Cannabis California™
For Cannabis Colorado™
For Cannabis Connecticut™
For Cannabis Delaware™
For Cannabis Florida™
For Cannabis Georgia™
For Cannabis Hawaii™
For Cannabis Idaho™
For Cannabis Illinois™
For Cannabis Indiana™
For Cannabis Iowa™
For Cannabis Kansas™
For Cannabis Kentucky™
For Cannabis Louisiana™
For Cannabis Maine™
For Cannabis Maryland™
For Cannabis Massachusetts™
For Cannabis Michigan™
For Cannabis Minnesota™
For Cannabis Mississippi™
For Cannabis Missouri™
For Cannabis Montana™
For Cannabis Nebraska™
For Cannabis Nevada™
For Cannabis New Hampshire™
For Cannabis New Jersey™
For Cannabis New Mexico™
For Cannabis New York™
For Cannabis North Carolina™
For Cannabis North Dakota™
For Cannabis Ohio™
For Cannabis Oklahoma™
For Cannabis Oregon™
For Cannabis Pennsylvania™
For Cannabis Rhode Island™
For Cannabis South Carolina™
For Cannabis South Dakota™
For Cannabis Tennessee™
For Cannabis Texas™
For Cannabis Utah™
For Cannabis Vermont™
For Cannabis Virginia™
For Cannabis Washington™
For Cannabis West Virginia™
For Cannabis Wisconsin™
For Cannabis Wyoming™
For Cannabis Alabama℠
For Cannabis Alaska℠
For Cannabis Arizona℠
For Cannabis Arkansas℠
For Cannabis California℠
For Cannabis Colorado℠
For Cannabis Connecticut℠
For Cannabis Delaware℠
For Cannabis Florida℠
For Cannabis Georgia℠
For Cannabis Hawaii℠
For Cannabis Idaho℠
For Cannabis Illinois℠
For Cannabis Indiana℠
For Cannabis Iowa℠
For Cannabis Kansas℠
For Cannabis Kentucky℠
For Cannabis Louisiana℠
For Cannabis Maine℠
For Cannabis Maryland℠
For Cannabis Massachusetts℠
For Cannabis Michigan℠
For Cannabis Minnesota℠
For Cannabis Mississippi℠
For Cannabis Missouri℠
For Cannabis Montana℠
For Cannabis Nebraska℠
For Cannabis Nevada℠
For Cannabis New Hampshire℠
For Cannabis New Jersey℠
For Cannabis New Mexico℠
For Cannabis New York℠
For Cannabis North Carolina℠
For Cannabis North Dakota℠
For Cannabis Ohio℠
For Cannabis Oklahoma℠
For Cannabis Oregon℠
For Cannabis Pennsylvania℠
For Cannabis Rhode Island℠
For Cannabis South Carolina℠
For Cannabis South Dakota℠
For Cannabis Tennessee℠
For Cannabis Texas℠
For Cannabis Utah℠
For Cannabis Vermont℠
For Cannabis Virginia℠
For Cannabis Washington℠
For Cannabis West Virginia℠
For Cannabis Wisconsin℠
For Cannabis Wyoming℠
For Cannabis™ Alabama
For Cannabis™ Alaska
For Cannabis™ Arizona
For Cannabis™ Arkansas
For Cannabis™ California
For Cannabis™ Colorado
For Cannabis™ Connecticut
For Cannabis™ Delaware
For Cannabis™ Florida
For Cannabis™ Georgia
For Cannabis™ Hawaii
For Cannabis™ Idaho
For Cannabis™ Illinois
For Cannabis™ Indiana
For Cannabis™ Iowa
For Cannabis™ Kansas
For Cannabis™ Kentucky
For Cannabis™ Louisiana
For Cannabis™ Maine
For Cannabis™ Maryland
For Cannabis™ Massachusetts
For Cannabis™ Michigan
For Cannabis™ Minnesota
For Cannabis™ Mississippi
For Cannabis™ Missouri
For Cannabis™ Montana
For Cannabis™ Nebraska
For Cannabis™ Nevada
For Cannabis™ New Hampshire
For Cannabis™ New Jersey
For Cannabis™ New Mexico
For Cannabis™ New York
For Cannabis™ North Carolina
For Cannabis™ North Dakota
For Cannabis™ Ohio
For Cannabis™ Oklahoma
For Cannabis™ Oregon
For Cannabis™ Pennsylvania
For Cannabis™ Rhode Island
For Cannabis™ South Carolina
For Cannabis™ South Dakota
For Cannabis™ Tennessee
For Cannabis™ Texas
For Cannabis™ Utah
For Cannabis™ Vermont
For Cannabis™ Virginia
For Cannabis™ Washington
For Cannabis™ West Virginia
For Cannabis™ Wisconsin
For Cannabis™ Wyoming
For Cannabis℠ Alabama
For Cannabis℠ Alaska
For Cannabis℠ Arizona
For Cannabis℠ Arkansas
For Cannabis℠ California
For Cannabis℠ Colorado
For Cannabis℠ Connecticut
For Cannabis℠ Delaware
For Cannabis℠ Florida
For Cannabis℠ Georgia
For Cannabis℠ Hawaii
For Cannabis℠ Idaho
For Cannabis℠ Illinois
For Cannabis℠ Indiana
For Cannabis℠ Iowa
For Cannabis℠ Kansas
For Cannabis℠ Kentucky
For Cannabis℠ Louisiana
For Cannabis℠ Maine
For Cannabis℠ Maryland
For Cannabis℠ Massachusetts
For Cannabis℠ Michigan
For Cannabis℠ Minnesota
For Cannabis℠ Mississippi
For Cannabis℠ Missouri
For Cannabis℠ Montana
For Cannabis℠ Nebraska
For Cannabis℠ Nevada
For Cannabis℠ New Hampshire
For Cannabis℠ New Jersey
For Cannabis℠ New Mexico
For Cannabis℠ New York
For Cannabis℠ North Carolina
For Cannabis℠ North Dakota
For Cannabis℠ Ohio
For Cannabis℠ Oklahoma
For Cannabis℠ Oregon
For Cannabis℠ Pennsylvania
For Cannabis℠ Rhode Island
For Cannabis℠ South Carolina
For Cannabis℠ South Dakota
For Cannabis℠ Tennessee
For Cannabis℠ Texas
For Cannabis℠ Utah
For Cannabis℠ Vermont
For Cannabis℠ Virginia
For Cannabis℠ Washington
For Cannabis℠ West Virginia
For Cannabis℠ Wisconsin
For Cannabis℠ Wyoming
The following names and trademarks were established between 2011 and 2012 and are time stamped Facebook Page creations.
California for Cannabis™
Colorado for Cannabis™
Connecticut for Cannabis™
Delaware for Cannabis™
Florida for Cannabis™
Georgia for Cannabis™
Hawaii for Cannabis™
Idaho for Cannabis™
Illinois for Cannabis™
Indiana for Cannabis™
Iowa for Cannabis™
Kansas for Cannabis™
Kentucky for Cannabis™
Louisiana for Cannabis™
Maine for Cannabis™
Maryland for Cannabis™
Massachusetts for Cannabis™
Michigan for Cannabis™
Minnesota for Cannabis™
Mississippi for Cannabis™
Missouri for Cannabis™
Montana for Cannabis™
Nebraska for Cannabis™
Nevada for Cannabis™
New Hampshire for Cannabis™
New Jersey for Cannabis™
New Mexico for Cannabis™
New York for Cannabis™
North Carolina for Cannabis™
North Dakota for Cannabis™
Ohio for Cannabis™
Oklahoma for Cannabis™
Oregon for Cannabis™
Pennsylvania for Cannabis™
Rhode Island for Cannabis™
South Carolina for Cannabis™
South Dakota for Cannabis™
Tennessee for Cannabis™
Texas for Cannabis™
Utah for Cannabis™
Vermont for Cannabis™
Virginia for Cannabis™
Washington for Cannabis™
West Virginia for Cannabis™
Wisconsin for Cannabis™
Wyoming for Cannabis™Hawaiian Islands For Cannabis™

Virgin Islands For Cannabis™

Washington D.C.™

Come Original or Don’t Come at All!